Kyle Walker Drums

Session Drummer & Tutor

Kyle is available for (and enjoys) session work in recording studios and live gigs across Ireland.

Kyle has an extensive collection of drums and percussion to bring to the session if required.

For a tour, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible to ensure he is free on the dates in question.

NOTE: Please ensure that you send kyle demos of the songs and reference material as soon as possible to ensure he is familiar with the songs before the start of the recording or gig.

Session Drumming References

"Kyle is my go-to guy for any session work and I recommend him to everyone. He has everything you'd want in a session player. A great instinctive approach to a wide variety of music, a very comprehensive drumming vocabulary and the patience of a saint. He comes up with ideas and options when left to his own devices but is equally happy just following instructions from the producer or artist." - Alwyn Walker - (Westland Studios, Dublin)

"For me, good music is about harmony, the ability to blend, learn, create and develop. Working with Kyle you get all of the those. As well as being a great drummer who is creative and explorative, he is a really cool and relaxed guy! Kyle brings music to the beat and as a songwriter... it's exactly what a songwriter needs!" - Shane O'Fearghail - (Caruso)

"I found Kyle's drumming to be of great value to my songs on my recent visit to Westland Studios. His playing was exactly what the songs needed and he was a pleasure to work with. Thanks again Kyle." - Owen O'Brien - (Warner Chapell Songwriter)

"Being a solo artist, I've always wanted to record my own music with the addition of a rhythm and bass section and I'm more than happy with what Kyle Walker delivered. Working along side his brother Alwyn (an amazing producer and sound engineer) it is clear that these guys have a passion for the job they do. Kyle Walker played drums on my recent EP entitled "This Way Up" Released April 10th 2015 - Barry Jay


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