Kyle Walker Drums

Session Drummer & Tutor

Unfortunately at this point Kyle is not available for drum tuition as he is focusing on Session Work in studios & other music related activities including ADK Music Group.

Kyle has taught in schools in Northern Ireland (Fort Hill College Lisburn, Hunterhouse College Finaghy, Kilkeel High School, Larne Grammar, Shimna College Newcastle & more...), teaching pupils of all ages (from 4 yrs to 17 years), by teaching both individually and in groups.

Also Kyle has taught more advanced pupils at home for hour long lessons which really does give pupils the time and focus to improve quickly. More advanced concepts and techniques simply require more effort in order to master them and the hour long lessons provides a good platform for this.

Tuition References

"Kyle offers professional drum kit tuition of the highest quality. He combines high levels of musicianship with a natural ability to communicate with his students, while his enthusiasm and passion are infectious. I fully recommend and endorse the music tuition services he is providing." - Phillip Elliott - (Head of Music at Hunterhouse College, Belfast)

"Kyle is a professional and friendly tutor who really helped open up my playing and develop my creativity behind the kit. He lets you play the songs and style you want, while still sneaking in those rudiments in an enjoyable way. Songs I thought I could never learn, I was playing in a matter of weeks. He also provided tips, patterns and inspiration that I could incorporate into my own music. I can't recommend him enough; from double kick to Swiss Army Triplets, Kyle has it covered. No matter what level you are at, or what music you want to play, Kyle will provide fun yet challenging tuition." - Paul Harrington - Pupil of several years


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